Monday, 26 April 2010

Come on baby light my fire.

Candles are synonymous with romance,  they are the cheapest, simplest way to create a cosy, warm and intimate atmosphere.
There are hundreds of ways of displaying candles, whether you can splash out on matching candle sticks or candelabras for the ceremony and table decorations or something more simple and easier on the budget.
Here are my top finds and ideas for the simpler side of life.

Tea lights in coloured or clear glass, make sure the glasses are not too deep so it is not a fiddle to change the tea light when it runs out.
NEW LOVE- Ikea has a massive range of coloured glass shapes to hold candles.
CRAZY OLD THING CALLED LOVE - Use old glass jars or cut glass sherry glasses, or even interestingly shaped food storage jars.

dotcomgiftshop have some gorgeous vintage inspired glassware, I can't get over how cute and original these would look on tables full of petals or sweeties, or you could put a long candle in the top of the kitty one.

Selection shown from Dotcomgiftshop and jamjarshop

My top fancy candle sticks on a budget coming up soon.

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