Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pretty Vintage - the clue is in the name

I can't rave enough about Pretty Vintage. The concept is you can hire all those gorgeous vintage finds you wish you had stored  up at home and could bring out on special occasions. I originally was hunting through Ebay for thrifty interesting pieces to use as quirky table deco but was surprised at how much cute little tea cups and jugs were going for, sometimes up to £30 a piece and more. Looking at the giant prince with big eyes I explained that I could easily find room for them all in the house after the wedding and we could be investing in pieces that we could hand down through the family (!) Then suddenly I realised how much dusting that would entail at weekends and I quickly changed tact and found Lucy at Pretty Vintage who astonishingly is based in Norwich near our venue so as you can imagine I was smiling and so was the prince when he realised he wouldn't have 10 tea pots in the dining room.
Lucy has a massive range and is super friendly and organised. I think she has thought up one of the best jobs ever, sourcing new trinkets and antique objects to order and bringing in quality beautiful items from around the world.
She has a gorgeous house too! Me? Jealous? Do you think? :o)

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