Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wedding Smashers

This post is slightly on a tangent as generally you cannot style your DJ to the same theme as your wedding. You can make loads of the details on the day perfectly reflect you and your partner, from the bunting to show off your country bumpkin aspirations or unusual objects on your tables to showcase your eclectic tastes to the mini cup cakes in different flavours. Why or why then, does the whole charm of the day and all that hard work get a bucket of cold muddy pond water thrown over it when the DJ comes on after the first dance? Often is the case that even though you ask for certain songs, or even provide them, somehow Steps and way too much Abba sneaks its way into the play list. God help you if your DJ then decides they are the next Shaggy (yes it does happen) and starts to 'MC' over the top of 'It wasn't me', which is highly appropriate for a wedding. Where do these people come from?

But there is an alternative! I am so excited about this.

I came across the Wedding Smashers who are breaking the mould and setting a whole new tone for the wedding DJ scene. They bring their vibrant style to choosing party pleasers that are actually brilliant, celebrating the best music from the generations that will get even the 'too cool to dance' guests jumping around.

And on a vintage note, they have bags of quirky style (check out their site Wedding Smashers)

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