Monday, 25 October 2010

Afternoon tea for the ladies who are eating for two

I have a very lovely friend called Mia who threw me a fantastic hen weekend away and put up with some very drunken antics whilst remaining sober. This former party raver is becoming a mummy in 10 weeks time and to give her a proper send off and spoil her rotten I am throwing an afternoon mad hatters tea party in a few weeks time. My budget is I am pulling out all the upscale magic in this one! I am also cost saving by only purchasing items that can add to my prop styling collection, so have been completely addicted to Ebay for the last couple of days and hoping to get to a car booty too.
I thought you might like to see the mood board I am working from. As Mia is waiting for the surprise of the baby's sex, it needs to be neutral, but I wanted to avoid the obvious choice of yellow. I also want to bring in Alice in Wonderland cues but not go over the top and spend lots of money on strange props and costumes. So I am busy bidding on old vintage playing cards on Ebay to string up into bunting and to use as place names (you need the non plastic coated ones to get a needle through more easy and they are more interesting in colour if a bit worn)
I thought I would give out seed packets in the ladies' goody bags to take home with any uneaten seed sowing feels appropriate!
So I have chosen a classic white and rich green theme, I have bought lots of ribbon off cuts and crepe paper and I am hoping to add some cut glass and china cake stands to my magpie nest. 

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