Friday, 14 January 2011

The dashing gentleman trend

When you think of a Gentlemen's Club, you are most likely to think of the kind you find in the back streets and PVC stilettos and g-strings, than what you can find on the high street. Before you type in 'Gentlemen's club' into google and want to wash your eyes out with bleach after seeing the results, I have done some research for you and found some very cool design pieces that you can get your mitts on. I love the fact that there is a design trend that the man in your life might actually nod appreciation to rather than a look of mild disdain and turning back to the cricket scores. 

The most key piece you need is a stag, I love these stag clothes hooks from Caravanstyle boutique and a brilliantly kitsch orange stag from Bornanoldsoul on Etsy. The next couple of things I would invest in would be a masculine style leather armchair (most men like to have 'their' chair past the age of approx 27 years old) You can pretend it is 'his' and soften it with a cosy soft wool blanket, ideally with a tweed design, to see you through until summer. This beautiful leather Jazz Chair in Cognac is from the genius website 

The accessories should be old and used where possible, think old books piled from the floor as somewhere to place your vintage cut glass tumbler, after taking a sip of your whisky cocktail (or JD and coke!) as you warm your cockles, safe from the harm of the lashing rain and howling wind. 

Pic credits from left to right
Vintage Ordnance Surveys from Oxford Tea Party
Orange stag from Bornanoldsoul
Handmade leather satchel from Chic Leather 
Jazz chair from 
Vintage dog decanter from A Pretty Penny
Leather notebook from Hope House Press
Stag clothes hook from CaravanStyle 
Pipe candle sticks from McGDesigns
Tweed wool blankets from Tinsmiths

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  1. I like your inspiration board. I photographed a wedding with this kind of styled reception in Lower Froyle. The Anchor Inn is a really lovely venue with checked blankets too!