Friday, 4 February 2011

Fine and Dandy

We are currently making over our bedroom in a creamy rich French style. Because of this, I am now totally obsessed with vintage chandeliers or 'Dandies' as they are otherwise fondly called.

I have been trawling Ebay and finally have purchased a French vintage dandy for our bedroom. Alas the huge 'bag' dandies that I coveted so much would not work as the drop would literally take anyone out who walked under it in the night on the way to the loo. However I think you will agree this is a beauty.

I found so many of these gorgeous creations that I felt duty to share with my fellow magpies. These vintage crystal chandeliers are a selection from Ebay that are on sale at the time of posting.

Make sure you get an electrician to check the wiring or buy a refurbished light if you are worried about vintage wires.

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