Thursday, 25 March 2010

Table styling

If you are having a sit down meal (or wedding breakfast to refer to it in the proper terminology) and like me you want to continue the event theme through out, you'll want to consider the table settings. often you won't have a choice of crockery or cutlery in your meal is being provided by the venue so you'll need to think about the other stuff that you can tweak. have these gorgeous ivory bird cages that will look lovely with flowers and ribbon, or you could put small candles inside or even goodies for your guests. When this blog went to print, they were HALF PRICE!

For a low cost option, how about collecting old bottles and using them for candle sticks? Old whisky bottles work really well with old style fonts on the labels.

You could also collect interesting shapes vases, jam jars, coffee jars etc, wash the labels off and stick on pretty french vintage style labels and put tea lights, flowers etc inside. The Book Depository sells a book of stickers which I have just ordered, you can buy it here

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