Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Invitations and stationery ideas

There are a number of websites that pop up when you Google 'Vintage wedding stationery' and there are some amazing companies out there that can give you really unique designs. It is worth having a look at this as one of the first things you plan as you may find the designs influence or set the tone for other elements of the event design.

For example, if you want to really go for an all out deco look, graphic floral designs are a must. Charles Rennie's rose design is very graphic but also romantic. You can even stamps in his design so you can continue the theme through out.

For the real slushies of you, Art Nouveau design influences are very romantic and hark back to times when people were much more open with their passions. Think cherubs and architecture and swirling patterns. A way to add this in a subtle way would be to have a watermark pattern on the inside of your invitation to give some floral interest but nothing too over powering.

A middle ground that is not overly represented by the main stationery designers in the UK is the retro, swallows, peachy, french influenced style which can help bridge the gap between looking too feminine or stylised.

There is an awesome lady in America, whose blog avidly read. Her site is beautifully designed and inspired me to want to learn Graphic Design skills although I doubt I could recreate anything close to her genius. The website is Lucky Luxe Couture Stationery.  I imagine she might ship to the UK if you ask nicely! My favourite is the 'Kate' RSVP postcard, with it's quirky colour palette.

Other good sites that I have come across and will continue to reference on my blog are Hello Lucky which have a massive range of letterpress and digital print options. Zazzle is a good site if you are super confident and feeling creative and want to design your own.

Or why not pitch out the design to a freelance designer? Ask around for friends who might know someone who will be glad of earning a little extra money.

Or do as we have and ask your talented designer friend to create your range of stationery as their wedding gift to you, remember time is money! Depending on how generous they are feeling they could help pay for the printing too. They might even know someone they can get trade prices through.

We have pushed the button on our print run and should get these this week, so if you need a very reasonably priced printer with excellent customer service get in touch with Barry at Solway.

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