Thursday, 13 May 2010

For the man who is the high notes in the music of your soul

I have heard it is custom for brides to buy their new husband a present on their wedding day as they get the big sparkler at the engagement and the man doesn't, fair enough some may think. It is hard to know what the 'rules' are, e.g. how much do you spend? (one month's wage like he is supposed to spend on the engagement ring?) and does it have to be a keep sake or something wild and unusual? Isn't having your undivided attention for the next few days on honeymoon enough? Well I have found a cute, Eco friendly alternative to that Rolex in a balloon flight over the savanna fantasy.

Steptoes Dog Vintage Wares (not a smelly disorganised toothless old man in sight / on site) has a big range of antique and vintage cuff links and pin accessories for the discerning gentleman, all in great nick and down to earth prices. Here is a selection of my favourites.

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