Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Vintage inspired invites

I am very lucky to know a talented designer friend who is working on our stationery for the day, as well as doing the original invites.

You can save money in a number of ways and do as much of it yourself with a decent printer but stationery for me is one of the details that needs to have a professional finish.

When I was putting together my mood board of examples for my designer friend Patrick Murray to work from, I got most of my images from stationers in America as there seemed to be so many more with a vintage style. My favourite of all time from the States is Lucky Luxe for their original and completely unique style.   However I have found another UK alternative in the form of Vicky Trainor. There is a huge range to choose from, I struggled to keep my fave picks to under 10 designs. The designs are all immensely pretty and have a vintage feel to them, whether it is the form of soft vintage tea rose motifs or bold Broadway style fonts. The colour options are all lovely tones of times gone by.

Throughout this post is the designs I whittled down to.

All images from Vicky Trainor site

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