Monday, 18 October 2010

Chocolately nutty loveliness at the Tempting Cake photo shoot

I had oodles of fun with the creative cake genius behind Temping Cake this Saturday. When I arrived at her stunning period terrace house in SW19 I think her neighbours thought I was moving in, by the size of suitcase stuffed with goodies and bags and bags of pretty trinkets and Christmas decorations.  We got off to a good start, with the natural light streaming through big bay windows, the gorgeous white shutters creating an interesting effective. We were very lucky  be joined by the very talented photographer Elliot Patching who travelled through hideous London traffic to be there but unfortunately also brought rain and cloud with him. Being a wedding photographer by trade Elliot is used to thinking on his feet and spent some time taking artistic photos of brownies and cupcakes, whilst I got the next shots set up.
The star of the day, without doubt was the chunky chocolate slabs of heaven that we shot against a really sumptuous green and bronze bowl, I cannot wait to see it!
The day was a great success, we tried a variety of different props but the most complimentary to the cakes and Temping Cake's style was glass cut bottles with soft roses, cream candles, and the odd piece of bling jewellery. These were the perfect compliment to the elegance that oozes (just like a brownies soft centre) from all of the beautiful, unique cakes.
Hoping to get more of these shoots in the future as they are so much fun.

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