Friday, 22 October 2010

Furry fun

I have a real craving for a big fluffy faux fur coat, I can't escape it. I would much rather find a vintage faux fur than buy a new one from Topshop or FCUK but vintage sizes seem to be huge! I don't know if it because fur coats are not supposed to look fitted but every time I think I have found the coat of my desire it turns out to be a size!

I came across this lovely caught in the moment picture of some ladies at a wedding and thought how gorgeous the lady's fur stole looks with the cream of her dress. Very Art Deco, a girl after my own heart. I longed to purchase a stole for my wedding but knew that I might wear it for 5 seconds and then it would probably end up being fashioned as a puppet by a drunken fool.
Being inspired by this shot, I have found some other photos and wedding shruggery that might tickle your fancy on this cold October morning.

 Maggie Cook sells her beautiful, intricate designs through Pretaportobello. The chiffon layering is so soft and pretty, it won't do much to keep you warm on a normal day but will help keep the chill from a buzzing bride's shoulders.

I love Faux Play (love the name and these fluffy little numbers will turn you on in a different way!) They have a huge range of different shapes and sizes and also offer a bespoke service, good for low backed dresses or those wanting something totally unique! How many bridesmaids can you spot in this picture!
To follow, a quick smorgasbord of inspiring fur pics x

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