Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What lovely long legs you have.....

If you want to put the finishing touches to a vintage inspired outfit, either yourself or perhaps you have different coloured bridesmaid dresses and want to give them a consistent look, you could do worse than look at some back seamed tights; a stylish alternative to traditional bridal hosiery.

  I'm a massive fan of details like this that hark back to glam days gone by (when some women would draw the seam on to their legs!). They are fantastically flattering as they make your legs appear longer, and they are a little bit saucy but so sophisticated at the same time.

They are so widely available these days at lots of different price points so even if you want to try a different look one weekend it is much more affordable to do so these days.

For a modern twist I got my hands on some of these Wolford 'Marlene' tights from Tights Please

Or you could try teaming pretty lacy or silk girlie bra and knicker sets with thicker, tan coloured back seam hold ups, to give a pretty vintage look to your bedroom get up. Think Fleur of England or Mimi Holiday Prudence range below....

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