Tuesday, 7 June 2011

High Street Style

Good morning!

Sorry to be elusive of late, I am trying to get my head stuck deep into my study books if I have any hope of qualifying before the end of next year!

I have been doing some sourcing work this morning and I couldn't help but gather all the latest finds from the high street and online that would make lovely centrepieces or styling props at a wedding or little soiree. My favourite pick are the galvanised steel vases from Ikea, just £2.99, what a bargain. Shame you cannot order them online and save yourself the obligatory argument with the husband (you don't know why you fight but you can't help it! There must be something in the hot dogs)

Top left to right: Heart picture frame Matalan, Ribbed vase Ikea, Coloured vases Ikea, Large lion head wine cooler Sweetpea&Willow. Galvanised vases Ikea, Cutwork candle, Sweetpea&Willow. Flower stem collection vase Graham&Green. Posey patterned vase Matalan, Large glass jar candle Anthropologie, Bird vases Graham&Green. 

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