Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tempting tables - Moroccan Style

What with this hot weather of late it got me thinking about the gorgeous exotic Tempting Table design that I styled on a shoot with Liesl Cheney, the design the brain child of Emily of the hugely successful Tempting Cake. If you didn't catch it on some of the wedding blogs and Liesl and Emily's, here for your viewing pleasure are some of the best shots.

The warmth of the vibrant oranges and reds really sets off the rustic chocolate colours. I used props at different levels to display the different types of deserts and sweet treats to give heaps of visual interest but keeping it balanced.

The flowers were arranged simply and put to the centre to draw the eye in. These were chosen by Emily and were suitably exotic but also eclectic when used with good old tulips. Tulips are (when in season) very available and reasonably priced and can add a splash of colour and fun to any table design, so use in abundance!.

I love the idea of using a multi rainbow colour scheme for any event, but make sure you stick to colours of the same tonal family for example like the vibrant warm jewel colours here. Or you could use soft pastel calm colours, like vintage duck egg blue teamed with pretty light yellow, fresh lilac, a soft apple green and balanced with a creamy neutral colour palette.

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