Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fake it!

Flowers have to be one of the most expensive elements of a wedding day. I know I could not be without them, but there is no harm in decorating the smaller details with little fake beauties, if you pick the right kind no one will be able to tell!

So for example, instead of real rose heads placed lovingly on and around your cake, why not choose silk ones?

Or if you want to have flowers to brighten up your living space but haven't got an adoring husband/partner etc to buy you them every few days (and I would be worried if you do, what is he, some sort of alien being?) then why not group together small bunches?

DO mix it up, cut the stems down to size, cut pre made bunches up.

DONT put short stems in long vases, I find the stem looks the most fake part of the plant so if you can avoid them and only use squatter smaller vases than you will get a more realistic look. Let the hubby buy the real long stem roses for you as if you have them already that's just another excuse for him not to!

I have these from GT decorations which I have separated and placed in clear short vases to brighten up my shelving.

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