Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Be dazzled, bejewelled.

After spending hours (literally) dribbling over many sparkling, delicate lace and super statement head pieces on a number of sites (see below for top finds) I was stopped in my tracks by this stunning Art Deco number. Not wanting to be frivolous,  I slept on it overnight and asked for a second opinion of which the answer was 'You only get married once' and approximately 2 seconds later I was filling in my credit card details and pressing 'confirm order'.

What I love most about the Vintage Headdresses site is that they stock a lot original vintage in all its glory and vintage items that had a previous life as something,  re purposed, dosed in love and given a new lease of life, to make our lives more shiny and sophisticated.

A number of other sites that I am massive fan of and will be frequenting on a regular basis are:

Budget to mid range reproduction / vintage style items Glitzy Secrets
Mid range unique reproduction and vintage items Flo and Percy and Vintage Bridal Jewellery
Mid range handmade vintage items Yulia Kunze
Premium and looks it. A bit difficult to buy in the UK (Bridal) Jennifer Behr

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